NatureCon in the News!

NatureCon has an incredible number of talented people on board working steadily to get the trees budding and flowers blooming for NatureCon, but we thought we’d take a moment to stop and thank some people who have taken the time to write and talk about NatureCon in the media!

Virgy Stella wrote about NatureCon in her amazing blog, specifically about her preparations for her group’s much anticipated performance exploring pagan cultures through dance. Her post includes some teaser pictures of the show, Pagan Evocation Fantasy which takes place at NatureCon on Friday, August 26!

DR Ferry Service will be providing transportation to and from NatureCon and a number of different stops as outlined in this really great article on their website, including the scheduled pick-up times at each stop. Boating to NatureCon with a bunch of fellow conventioneers is truly the way to get in the mood for Second Life adventure, and if you’re a passport stamp collector be sure to ask the captain for a stamp!

Speaking of passport stamps, the BBB will have some special ones as well as an exhibit at NatureCon, which you can read more about in their article here in the Gazette! The Gazette is must-reading for much of Bellisseria and beyond as Dave and the Gazette team do a great job of getting the news out each week and informing us of the latest developments and fun events for all!

Koffee with Tia by T- Productions is an amazing lifestyle vlog on YouTube. Tia recently hosted none other than Patch Linden for an interview and NatureCon came up during the second part of the interview when discussing the moles and Linden Department of Public Works! (For the first part of the interview, click here).

We are grateful to everyone who takes the time and effort to spread the word about NatureCon 2022!

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