NatureCon 2022: Meet the Project Team!

The journey of NatureCon has been a huge adventure for everyone from the beginning on. First, it was just a random morning-coffee-talk between Soul and me about tech conferences and natural spaces within Second Life. But within less than an hour, these two topics have been combined to brainstorm an event idea: NatureCon was born.

We reached out to various communities to introduce NatureCon, and were thrilled that our visions for it could excite and inspire so many people right off the start. And so the journey to NatureCon suddenly became a big adventure: our original plans of hosting the event on a 1/4 region for 3 days had to be quickly adjusted to unite the current 50+ collaborators on 2 regions for 2 weeks!

Our initiator-tandem needed support, and we’re very grateful that some of the most committed community members came to the rescue! Ayame Kintsugi-Moon, Georgina Rowley, Zoe Foodiboo and Becca Ordinary joined us to offer their help wherever it’s needed. They are not only helping us with daily tasks but also support us by sharing their ideas, skills and experiences. 

The Project Team on their journey to the big adventure called “NatureCon”. Left to right: Yukiko, Zoe, Georgina, Ayame. Unfortunately missing: Becca

We’re proud to say that, along with our Build Team, we have an incredible Project Team that plays a huge role in keeping NatureCon continuously growing into an exciting community experience for everyone involved! Today, I’d like you to introduce you to them.

– Yukiko Yeshto
(Project Team Lead)

Ayame Kintsugi-Moon (stable.mum)

Teegle’s Stable Mum, Creator & Skill Sharer

Passionate about community building and accessibility awareness, Ayame is always eager to lend support. As one of the founding members of The Show Society, she’s helped build an organization that works to foster intercommunity engagement through friendly competition and events. When not out exploring, she can most often be found pushing prims around in Moorcroft, a community that boasts it is the queerest little village on the mainland!

Fun Fact: That silly face horses make showing their teeth? They’re actually just trying to get a better smell!

Georgina Rowley

Fashionista, Photographer, Community Designer

In her 7+ years living on the mainland, Georgina has built locations ranging from country manors on Heterocera to bustling downtown spaces in Bay City. Her latest project includes designing cozy neighborhoods and bucolic country scenes in Seogyeoshire, a Jeogeot-based, British-Welsh themed village. When she’s not designing spaces, she can be found traversing mainland continents by boat and rail, her favorite modes of transportation. 

Fun Fact: When traveling, pilots and co-pilots must eat different meals – that way, if one ends up – ahem..with a rumbly tummy – the other one can still ensure a safe and timely arrival!

Zoe Foodiboo

Book Club Host, Community Curator

An avid mainland meanderer with a deep love of books, Zoe is currently smitten with Jeogeot’s Seogyeoshire, a British-Welsh inspired community. Serving as their councilor/librarian/yoga instructor/farmhand (phew!), she can often be seen wandering in wellies, cats in tow, cheerfully welcoming visitors and encouraging locals to grow more veggies.

Zoe wholeheartedly believes in NatureCon’s mission to inspire connection through a shared love of SL nature and travel, and is excited to be on this collaborative journey with this dedicated team of lovely creatives. 

Fun Fact: Broccoli and cauliflower are the only veggies that are also flowers. Nothing says romance like a fresh bouquet of brassica oleracea!

Becca Ordinary

Artist, Blogger

Becca Ordinary created a popular lifestyle blog about Second Life called The SLuggle, and is also an artist that enjoys creating things in a wide range of styles and media. Becca’s Flickr and her nascent YouTube channel very clearly show that her first love in Second Life is exploring “the great outdoors.” Whether swimming as a mermaid or boating in Belli, Becca feels most at home among the greens and blues of nature and thus she is thrilled to be part of the NatureCon team to help spread the love of all things natural.

Fun Fact: We discovered Pluto in 1930 and it still hasn’t made its way all the way around the sun since then. It takes Earth a year to make that trip, and Pluto takes 248 of those years to do it!

Yukiko Yeshto

NatureCon Co-Creator and Networker

Bringing people together to experience community and creativity within SL while combining it with my faible for exploring the grid like I offer with my Mainland Tour project is something I’m passionate about! Second Life keeps thriving because of those many people who are committed to share something they find important, and which brings joy to themselves and others, every single day. I hope that our collective journey to NatureCon can inspire all of you to be passionate about what you love, to connect with like-minded people, and to be encouraged to turn your ideas into a big and exciting adventure! 

Fun Fact: Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees, and don’t have eyeballs!

We can’t wait to create and bring NatureCon 2022 to the grid! Join us for two weeks of nature and collaboration – learn more about the event or get involved today

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