NatureCon 2022: Meet the Build Team!

NatureCon was a shared idea that came about after exploring natural sites in Mainland and Bellisseria and finding connection across the spaces. What started as a simple idea for a convening of groups grew into a two-week conference, with over 40 Bellisseria and Mainland-focused collaborators participating!

The NatureCon 2022 Build Team- (from left) Soull, Zen, Bryce, and Cranston

This conference is being produced with the help of so many talented creatives across the grid, all of whom I’m excited to be able to work with. I’d like to introduce one of our central teams, the NatureCon Build Team, and share a little more about what makes us excited to bring NatureCon 2022 and a love of nature to the grid!

Zen Swords-Galway

Creator, Zany Zen Railway

Zen is the main driving force behind The Zany Zen Railway for a bigger part of a decade, attempting to give people the most realistic Narrow Gauge railway experience in Second Life. In 2021, Zen saw the beginning of a ZZR Ferry Service between Little Coverston and Pyri Peaks Fairground, a joint project between Zen and Amalia. Zen is excited to be able to bring her passion for railways to equally passionate people.

Cranston Yordstorm

Performer, Railworx Engineer, and Experience Creator

Cranston Yordstorm is a Live Singer in Second Life, as well as a prolific landscaper and narrow-gauge train track designer, with many independent projects as well as working with Operation Mainland to repurpose previously abandoned Mainland parcels and turn them into explorable spaces. Together with Bjoyful Resident, he designed and maintains The GlastonBelli Redwood Forest, which features the iconic GlastonBelli Pyramid stage, The Corsica South Coast Airfield, and The Corsica South Coast Thruway which connects GlastonBelli and the CSC Airfield to the historic Circuit de Corse, the Corsica Continent’s main road. He is excited to contribute redwood trees, narrow-gauge trains, as well as other assorted nature-based events and activities to NatureCon 2022.

Bryce Sun

Creator and Jack of All Trades

Bryce Sun is a jack of all trades and master of none. She has worked on everything from RP sims to clothing lines and even DJs once in a while. She enjoys creating mainland experiences and connecting people to their passions. Her latest projects include The Rabbit Hole: a passion project that invests in peoples dreams to help make them a reality, The Mainland Visitor’s Centers: One on each continent! To be a part of NatureCon 2022 means she gets to be a part of something so much bigger that helps bring the grid together to see all that is possible to help beautify ALL of SL and bring awareness to the needs of RL in some areas (not to mention be part of a great build team and expression).

Soull Starlight

NatureCon Co-Creator and Mainland Experience Creator

Hey all! I’m Soul, a mainland experience creator. I find joy in adding things to do, points of interest, and places to stay across the mainland continents with AscendBnB. I’m the co-creator of NatureCon, and what excites me most about bringing this event to the grid is being able to share creativity through nature and exploration. I love to travel and explore all of the amazingly creative places across the grid, and with NatureCon I wanted to extend that love with all! ♥

We can’t wait to create and bring NatureCon 2022 to the grid! Join us for two weeks of nature and collaboration – learn more about the event or get involved today!

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