NatureCon 2022: Join us for a ride!

At NatureCon 2022, you have various possibilities to take a ride! You can hop on The GlastonBelli Cheddarworx Railway (Corsica), or The Zany Zen Railway (Jeogeot) installations. However, you see only a portion of them at NatureCon. Because the real ones are to be found at Mainland! Come by and find out more.

The other possibility to take a ride is by horseback riding. Moorcroft is an equestrian community located in Sansara, another Mainland continent. They offer you to take part into their event activities at NatureCon, starting at their Farmers Market!

If you don’t own a horse or pony, don’t worry! Some of the members of the Moorcroft community are fabulously decorated horse avatars, and they invite you to a guided horse & pony ride. The other possibility is to bring your own horse, or to lend one from the horse rezzers where Teegle offers horses to ride with unique NatureCon-branded tacks!

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