NatureCon 2022 has officially opened!

NatureCon 2022 takes place from August 18 to 31 at the regions of Ruthenium and Osmium.

Start at the Park Office next to our Info Pavilion where you can grab an Event Guide that informs you about all installations and activities you can find, and which events you can join:

Both regions are accessible from the Mainland continents and Bellisseria.
Arrive by road or air in the North where our collaborator Gateway International Airport has the infrastructure ready for you to land your aircraft, or drive along the road. There is also a direct connection to the event location entrance if you follow the road downwards.
If you prefer to arrive by sea, hop into your boat if you’re coming from the Bellisseria side. How about you take the Ferry Shuttle Service offered by our collaborator Dariah Raynier? Find her schedule here:

Our today’s schedule includes:
12 – 2pm SLT, Far & Friends, DJ Set with chill vibes
2 – 4pm SLT, SL-Radio, Organic House Music Mix presented by Liam Neville
and to wrap it up, a little opening speech at 4pm SLT with Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto

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