Introducing NatureCon 2022!

When it comes to nature-themed spaces in SL, there’s so much to explore. Across Mainland and Bellisseria, beings, groups, and organizations contribute beautiful natural spaces to enhance our world.

The Panamole Canal in Bellisseria

NatureCon was created by Yukiko Yeshto and Soull Starlight out of a love of both community and nature. In celebration of creative natural spaces and the folks who share them, NatureCon aims to unite Mainland and Bellisseria’s natural spaces and share a love of travel with the greater SL community.

NatureCon 2022 runs from August 18-31 and features live performances, speaker panels, special tours, and live interviews. Over 40 collaborators have joined hands to create shared spaces, events, and informative booths that center Mainland and Bellisseria’s natural spaces. Fun activities like diving, an aquarium, hiking, exploring community booths, and more can be enjoyed at the two-week conference.

To learn more about NatureCon 2022, grab a press release and share with your community! If you’d like to represent your Mainland or Bellisseria community at the event, check out our contributor information page. We can’t wait to see you there!

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