Contributor Information

General Event Information

Initiators/Organizers: Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto

Event Name: NatureCon 2022

Event Date: August 18 to 31

Event Locations: Ruthenium and Osmium

Event Website:


Management Teams:

Build Team
Team Lead: Soull Starlight

Supporters: Bryce Sun, Cranston Yordstorm, Zen Swords-Galway (zenriaco)

Project Team
Team Lead: Yukiko Yeshto

Supporters: Ayame Kintsugi-Moon (stable.mum), Georgina Rowley, Zoe Foodiboo, Becca Ordinary

Event Description

NatureCon’s mission is to inspire connections between related SL communities and organizations through a shared love of exploration and expressions of nature in SL. We hope to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid. 

While we have a huge group of collaborators already, we still have limited capacity available for last-minute-contributions for collaborators who would like to contribute with an installation.

We are also looking to collaborate with social media partners (bloggers, vloggers, magazine owners), performers and musicians, tour hosts, and everyone else who’d like to offer a nature-related event or activity during NatureCon. We can offer those collaborators a booth at NatureCon (details below).


Collaborators can contribute to the event in various ways (an excerpt; for inspiration):

  • Booths sharing public community organizations, groups, and natural locations in SL
  • Installations and demonstrations about nature, environmental protection, animal welfare & more
  • Live artistic performances 
  • Speaker Panels featuring community organization leaders
  • Workshops and offsite events celebrating nature, travel, and exploration 
  • Natural areas to connect and network
  • Interviews, Articles, Posts, Videos about the event and/or the collaborators

Current Collaborators

Confirmed Communities & Projects

  • The Nature Collective
  • What the Buzz!
  • GeoPod
  • Muana Lota
  • Groveland Railway
  • GlastonBelli Redwood Forest Park
  • Moorcroft
  • Forever Tourist / PODscast / Operation Mainland
  • Drivers of SL (DSL)
  • Seogyeoshire
  • Claydon House
  • Rungardvik
  • Mainland Tour / Mellowtron
  • Bay City
  • Gateway International Airport & Axel Harbor
  • Ellesmere Road Maintenance (ERM)
  • Tropical Paradise
  • AscendBnB
  • Greg’s Bar & Lounge
  • Leeward Cruising Club (LCC)
  • Mount Campion National Forest
  • Ipperwash Cliffs National Seashore
  • Le Chateau and the French Guiana Amazonian Park
  • Katharine Littlepaws Welsh Art Gallery Second Life
  • Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary
  • Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot
  • BelliBin
  • Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy / Bellisserian Embassies
  • SLCG Dive Training Center
  • Safe Waters Foundation
  • Aquatics Community of Second Life (ACSL)
  • The Zany Zen Railway (ZRR)
  • DR Ferry Services (DRFS)
  • Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW)

Confirmed Live Performers

  • Misfit Dance & Performance Art
  • Bellisseria Entertainers & Events (BEE)
    (Performers: DJ Fuyuko, DJ Hammie, DJ Steph)
  • Cranston Yordstorm
  • Officina dei Sogni
    Live Artists: Virginia Stella and Musa InFabula
  • Solfege Music Management
    Live Artists: Mavenn and Roxanne Ysabel DeVinna
  • DJ Far & Friends
  • Tia Rungray
  • SL-Radio
    (Performers: Liam Neville, Nadja Neville)
  • The Beach Shack Theater Company

Confirmed Creators

  • Landscapes Unlimited
  • TLC Animated Animals
  • Konoha
  • Teegle
  • -MUSU-

Confirmed Social Media Partners

  • Bolly Coco
  • Becca Ordinary
  • Designing Worlds
  • Gamerwife Darkana
  • FOCUS Magazine
  • T-Productions
  • SLNewser
  • Bain Finch
  • Machinima Mondays
  • The Gazette
  • Wildstar Beaumont
  • Soulfully Yours
  • LUXA Magazine
  • Lab Gab
  • SL Blogger Network 

Current Contributions

Installations & Booths

  • Park Office
  • Pollinator Garden
  • GeoPod
  • Muana Lota Volcano / Caves / Spillway
  • Redwood Forest
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Grid Drives
  • Community Garden
  • PODScast
  • Frog Pond
  • Modern Park
  • Road Connection to Airport (GIA & ERM)
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Bar Truck
  • National Forest
  • French Guiana Amazonian Park
  • Welsh Art Gallery
  • 24/7 NatureCon Radio
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Exploration Tours in Bellisseria
  • Collecting Waste in Bellisseria
  • The BBB and Beetles, an unlikely Alliance
  • Plastic Soup
  • Underwater Life in SL
  • Bird Observatory
  • Connection Café
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Planthouse Café
  • Art Walk with Photo Contest
  • Aquarium
  • Nature Center
  • Bellisseria Mermaid Grotto
  • Bellisseria Lighthouse
  • Landscape Creations used in installations
  • Written interviews with content creators
  • Bloggers, Machinima Artists & Magazines


  • Railworx Train
  • Ziplines
  • Art Hunt
  • Event Hunt
  • Frog Table Games
  • The Zany Zen Railway
  • Ferry Shuttle Service
  • Rezzers: Horses, SubOceana Scooters, Hang Glider, Bumper Boats


  • Live Concerts
  • Themed DJ sets
  • Theater & Dance Performances
  • Exploration Tours
  • Ferry Shuttle Service
  • Live Interviews
  • Science/Nature Trivia
  • Lab Gab Live Show

NatureCon 2022 Roadmap

August 10 – 14

Set-Up Time for Collaborators + Rehearsals for performers


August 15 – 17

Walk-through (Main Building Team)

If needed: final tests + rehearsals (Event Team)


August 18 – 31

Event Time (2 weeks)


September 1 – 2

Clean Up

Booth Info

Guidelines for Booths

A demo prim that shares the size and space of each type of booth is available. Please let us know which booth you’ve selected so that we know where you’d like to be placed for the event. Our event is nature themed, featuring Mainland and Bellisseria landscaping and design. Contributor builds will be nestled amid trees, bushes, flowers, and other soft landscape design items, so please design your contribution accordingly. 

Please keep all structures and items confined to your booth space, unless otherwise approved.

Our event is about community connection, and we’d like to keep monetary exchange to a minimum. You can link to your mainstore for products at your booth, and you are encouraged to offer a ‘swag’ (free, can be branded) item to share. All things shared must be in relation to: 

  • nature 
  • hiking
  • exploring
  • travel
  • outdoors
  • animals
  • gardening and farming

Forest Theme Booth

Beach Theme Booth


Soull Starlight (Main Build Team Lead)

Available LI allocations

25, 50, 100 or 150 LI


Last possible application: August 7

Set-Up Time: August 10 to 14

Additional Booth Guidelines

Items should be rated PG-13 and under (no adult items, please), and should reflect the intent of the event- to explore our world and enjoy nature in all realms. 

Consider using build rezzers for ease of use when replicating your build at our event regions. Handy build rezzers can be found on marketplace- please choose one that suits your needs, or ask in our Discord channel for assistance if you need.

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