NatureCon 2022 has officially opened!

NatureCon 2022 takes place from August 18 to 31 at the regions of Ruthenium and Osmium. Start at the Park Office next to our Info Pavilion where you can grab an Event Guide that informs you about all installations and activities you can find, and which events you can join: Both regions are accessible from […]

Check out the NatureCon2022 Event Preview Video!

The very talented Bain Finch created a wonderful video in which the NatureCon 2022 founders, Yukiko Yeshto and Soull Starlight, talk about the exciting things to see and do when the conference and event regions open later this week! In addition to hearing about NatureCon 2022 directly from Yukiko and Soull, the video has sneak […]

NatureCon 2022: Photo Contest

NatureCon 2022 is a two-week virtual conference seeking to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid. Most exhibits and experiences will be outdoor related; showing off the talent and love for Mother Nature and all the beauty available! Other Important Information: Entries must […]

NatureCon in the News!

NatureCon has an incredible number of talented people on board working steadily to get the trees budding and flowers blooming for NatureCon, but we thought we’d take a moment to stop and thank some people who have taken the time to write and talk about NatureCon in the media! Virgy Stella wrote about NatureCon in […]

NatureCon 2022: Meet the Project Team!

The journey of NatureCon has been a huge adventure for everyone from the beginning on. First, it was just a random morning-coffee-talk between Soul and me about tech conferences and natural spaces within Second Life. But within less than an hour, these two topics have been combined to brainstorm an event idea: NatureCon was born. […]

NatureCon 2022: Meet the Build Team!

NatureCon was a shared idea that came about after exploring natural sites in Mainland and Bellisseria and finding connection across the spaces. What started as a simple idea for a convening of groups grew into a two-week conference, with over 40 Bellisseria and Mainland-focused collaborators participating! This conference is being produced with the help of […]

Introducing NatureCon 2022!

When it comes to nature-themed spaces in SL, there’s so much to explore. Across Mainland and Bellisseria, beings, groups, and organizations contribute beautiful natural spaces to enhance our world. NatureCon was created by Yukiko Yeshto and Soull Starlight out of a love of both community and nature. In celebration of creative natural spaces and the […]