Meet the Creator: Teegle

A horse is associated with a number of symbols, such as independence, confidence, freedom, endurance, courage and competition. Characteristics that are also important for content creators. What happens if content creation meets horses? A perfect example for that is Mira (monstaar.mama) who told us her fascinating story how she became an original content creator in […]

NatureCon 2022: Event Schedule Mon/Aug 29 to Wed/Aug 31

Monday, August 29 11 am SLT Live Concert by Tia Rungray at the Mainland Stage. Tia’s self-produced electroacoustic music project advocates noise classical music and is also live-streamed on YouTube. 12 pm SLT Join a House & Garden Tour offered by Claydon House. Hosted at Seogyeoshire Tuesday, August 30 1 pm SLT Live Music Set […]

Meet the Creator: Konoha

This smart panda is Pond Inspector Gihn. Gihn creates trees and plants for their brand Konoha where realism meets a touch of fantasy. For NatureCon 2022, Gihn gave us an insight into the history of their creations and their sources of inspiration. When did you start to create plants and trees, and how did it […]

NatureCon 2022: Weekend Event Schedule

Friday, August 26 11 am SLT Choreographed Pagan Evocation Fantasy Show Hosted at Rungardvik 12 pm SLT House & Garden Tour Hosted at Seogyeoshire 1 pm SLT Live Set by DJ Fuyuko Performed at the Bellisseria Stage at NatureCon. 4 pm SLT Dance & Theater Performance “Misfit Follies” Climb the ladder in the tree stump […]

Meet the Creator: -MUSU-

Toad-ally talented creator, NatureCon collaborator and lifelong frog enthusiast, Mr.Moose from -MUSU-, sat down with us recently to share his fascination with his favorite amphibians. He also talks about the conflict between the pool industry and frogs, shares what we as humans can do to protect them, and reveals how his love of frogs is […]

NatureCon 2022: Celebrate nature with the Vikings!

Thursday, August 25, 11am SLTExperience Spiritual Nature Celebrations with the Rungardvik Vikings! Meeting Point is at Rungardvik. Friday, August 26, 11am SLTAttend the choreographed Pagan Evocation Fantasy show! Meeting Point is at Rungardvik. Sunday, August 28, 12pm SLTListen to Musa Infabula’s Live Violin Concert! Meet her at the Viking long boat at NatureCon 2022.

Meet the Creator: │T│L│C│ ANIMALS

Imagine a world without the sweet songs of birds, of silent forests and noiseless landscapes. This is just one of the questions that │T│L│C│ANIMALS poses to the NatureCon visitor through the Bird Conservancy they’ve created for our event. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with them to learn more about the founding of │T│L│C│, […]

NatureCon 2022: Join us for a ride!

At NatureCon 2022, you have various possibilities to take a ride! You can hop on The GlastonBelli Cheddarworx Railway (Corsica), or The Zany Zen Railway (Jeogeot) installations. However, you see only a portion of them at NatureCon. Because the real ones are to be found at Mainland! Come by and find out more. The other […]

NatureCon 2022: Event Schedule for Sunday, August 21

Sunday, August 21, 11 AM SLTEnjoy a live music concert with Roxanne Ysabel! Performance will be hosted at the Mainland Stage. Sunday, August 21, 12 PM SLTVisit the “The Little Mermaid”, a dance & theater performance presented by The Beach Shack Theater Company. Across the Park Office, hop on the ladder and climb down the […]

NatureCon 2022 starts with a blast!

This was an exciting day for everyone! We started with an impromptu Bar Barge Cruise into the day, followed by an impromptu DJ Blues set offered by DJ Steph. A really interesting interview was hosted by Saffia Widdershins from Designing Worlds who met JenzZa Misfit from Misfit Dance & Performance Art. Again, DJ Far & […]