About NatureCon 2022

NatureCon 2022 is the shared energies of Yukiko Yeshto and Soull Starlight, two community-minded experience creators who share a deep love of nature and all things collaboration. The event has been created collectively, with the help of a dedicated team of community organizers and groups from across Mainland and Bellisseria!


Join us as we create a wild forest in a shared celebration of nature in SL and in our worlds! From August 18th- August 31st at the Linden shared spaces of Ruthenium and Osmium, we’re celebrating the spaces and organizations that bring a love of nature, travel, and exploration to SL.


NatureCon’s mission is to inspire connection between related SL communities and organizations through a shared love of exploration and expressions of nature in SL. We hope to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid.


To contribute to NatureCon with a booth space or share NatureCon with your audiences, take a look here.

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